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Brian Ahern Co-Founder RFA


At STACKS we help Repair Shops Scale and Automate their Business.

We specialize in systems and strategies that increase your revenues and streamline your workflows.

Repair Shops are busy, there are ALOT of moving parts involved. We understand this well because our Platforms are designed, maintained and upgraded by Repair Shop Owners.

*We have actually been in this business longer than Apple has*

1| Website CRM/ERP Platforms


Customer Quoting, Instant, Automatic & Scalable

Easy street, this way!

Three Prong Pricing

1 – We can hide price and give coupon
2 – We can hide price and send auto quote
3 – We can show price and offer financing

Messaging is automatic via Email &/or SMS

2| Growth Systems and Strategies

When you watch the right data you get the right results.

We Monitor and Advise on Local SEO Rankings.

We Design, Manage and Track Ads.

We Help Repair Shops Grow.

Repair Website Buyback Software

3 | BuyBack and Doubling Store Revenues

Your accountant will smile.

We automate the buyback and tradein process.

Whether you are just getting started or you are purchasing dozens of phones a week we have tools that can help you to grow and scale.


Buyback Platform

Our Buyback system has some unique advantages too.


Never bother with a spreadsheet or a last minute price check again.

Flexible Catalog Management

Turn on or off different devices/categories as needed.

WhatsApp Integrations

Our platform includes a native WhatsApp chat function.

Bonus Systems

Keep clients coming back with more via bonuses and promo codes.

SickW Integration

Check, save and recheck IMEI status at anytime from your dashboard.

Unlimited Fields for Customizations

Do you want to ask a few more questions while they book? No problem.

4 | Not ready for the full BuyBack Suite?

Try out our low cost Phone Flipping Profit Wizard.
Trusted by multiple 7 figure flippers.

Phone Flipping Profit Wizard​

(The Wizard Formerly Known As “Automated Device Buyback Sheets”)


We like to have a quick discovery call so we can learn more about your business and advise on what tools will be the best fit for your organization. We can do this over the phone, Zoom or even by PM. Please pick a convenient time on our calendar 👉 HERE.

We offer an extensive range of tailor-made products and services, designed to address various pain points in this business. As such, prices can vary. We encourage you to have a quick call with us to discuss our different services. 

We do not have any contracts or time requirements with any of our services.

Yes! We integrate with many of the popular Point of Sale companies, we can fire Zaps with Zapier and we also have direct API possibilities with just about everybody else.

This will depend on the services needed. We do offer free research and advisement on Ads and SEO services. We also have other specials available from time to time. Please CONTACT US to discuss current promos.

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