Instant Repair Site | The Overview

Fast Launching, Highly Converting Website Software Suite

Hey guys, this is JJ ith STACKS and I want to talk about websites and WHY THEY MATTER. ALOT.

I am going to share with you what is working well for our clients so we can hopefully help you too!

Lets have a look at the features we have added to the platform over the years.

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We are always adding new things!

This Year we have:

 – Added over 700 new models to our repair catalog. Game consoles & Controllers too!

 – Incorporated Google Address AutoFill

 – Integrated Zapier, Google Sheets, Trello Cards and various POS API Connections

 – Increased funnel fluidity, boosting conversions

 – Added Stripe, Square and Klarna Payment Integrations

Built In Promo Popups

Do you have a promotion or service you would like to highlight to first time visitors?

We also include FaceBook Pixel, Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Search Console and Webmaster Management.

*Most services are free, we also have some paid upgrades available for these platforms.

Interactive Broken Phone Game

This is really cool. It works on mobile and computer, very memorable.

(Be careful, video has some sound)

Specially Designed In House this Javascript Interactive will make your Brand shine against the competition.

*Do you have a design idea you would like us to create? Let us know!

Database Chatbot​

Next I want to show you a fast way to interact that feels like live chat. It works really well on mobile.

Repair Chatbot

Speaking of chat we have several free integration options available like Facebook/Whatsapp or any 3rd party paid chat service

*Our favorite is Crisp Chat, the free version works great and includes a Flappy Bird game too!

Extensive Device Catalog

Your site will come with popular models preloaded to the catalog.

You can add, edit or remove unlimited fields in the admin area of the site.

Repair Device Catalog

When new models are released we will prepare optimized photos and data. Simply let us know when you are ready to publish the new models and we will make them live.

*You will also have full control of your catalog in your admin area to create as many models as you like.

Lightning Quick Conversion Path

Now I want to show you how fast this site can convert.

Here we have the price hide and convert with coupon feature active.

Three Prong Pricing

1 We can hide price and give coupon 📬

2 We can hide price and send auto quote 📣

3 We can show price and offer financing 📈

Messaging is automatic via Email &/or SMS
3 Prong Price Strategy

The best setup option will depend on your business, however we are getting great feedback on conversion improvements using the coupon and price hide feature.

*Prices can be updated online or via CSV import/export for quick edits.

Multiple Setup Options​

Some of you may have seen our previous versions

We still have these features too!

Feature List:

We have completed too many to list here 😃

Easy To Use, Intuitive Admin Area

Admin / Features List
In the admin area:

Appointments/Leads and related info

Calendar and google calendar syncs (per location)

Location(s) hours

We Come To You (with companion fleet app)

Email and SMS templates


Shipping Label Generation and automation

Multiple Staff permission levels (customizable)

Unlimited Customer Support with our Team

Would you like to learn more?

Lets do a screenshare.

Launch in Two Days.

Be Customer Ready in Three.

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